Creel Military History
War For American Independence
Research by Dean Williams

Creel Revolutionary War Soldiers Index
Records Group M860
Rolls 12 (Cr),8(ca) and 29 (Kr) searched for any name variation of Creel


 Card #      Last Name     First Name                Unit

 4007          Creel               Charles                   8th Virginia Regiment

4008           Creel               John                        New Jersey Regiment

4009           Creel              John Henry               9th Virginia Regiment

4038           Creel               Charles                   12th Virginia Regiment

4012           Creell                                              1st South Carolina Rgt.

4039           Creet               Charles                    6th South Carolina Rgt.

4040           Creet                Thomas                   6th South Carolina Rgt.

3836           Creal                 John                       12 Virginia Regiment

3885           Creal                 James                     8th Virginia Regiment

3884           Creal                Charles                    8th Virginia Regiment

3883           Creal                Charles                    6th South Carolina Rgt.

4218           Crewel              John                        4th Maryland Regiment

4217           Crewel              Josh                         1st New Jersey Rgt.

4278           Criel                 Charles                     6th South Carolina Rgt.

4302           Crill                   John                        Ogednís New Jersey Rgt

4303           Crill                   John                        1st New Jersey Rgt

4304           Crill                   John                        3rd New Jersey Rgt

4305           Crill                   John                        3rd New Jersey Rgt.

4306           Crill                  Martin                      Daytonís New Jersey Rg

4307           Crill                  Martin                      3rd New Jersey Rgt.