Creel Military History
War Between The States

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AARON, 1835 - ?, Ms - no record found as yet.

ADDISON F., 1845 - ?, 6th VA Cav, CSA, Private

ALBERT, 1836-1863, Co H, 14th Miss Vols, CSA; died in prison camp.

ALONZO, 1847 - bef1884, Co B, 145th Ill Inf Regt, USA

ANDREW J., 1845 - aft1880, Co I, 26th Miss Inf, CSA, Private.

ANDREW JACKSON, 5-16-1814 - 1-18-1863, 20th Regt Ala Inf, CSA, died of smallpox.

ANDREW JACKSON, 10-4-1844 - c1885, Co E, Davies 4th Battn Ark Cav, CSA.

ANDREW JAMES, 1834 - ?, Co D, 64th Ill Inf Regt, USA, Sergeant/Private

ANTHONY J., 8-13-1833 - 6-11-1917, Co D, 9th Regt Miss Cav, CSA(aka 17th Battn Miss Cav); also Co F, 2nd Regt Miss Cav Reserves.

 BARNETT GRIMSLEY, Feb 1844 - aft1920, Co C, 8th Va Inf Regt, CSA; also Co A, 2nd Battn Md Cav, Private.

BENJAMIN F., 1837 - aft1880, Co B, 13th Va Inf Regt, CSA; captured near Hamilton's Crossing in 1863, imprisoned in Washington.

BERRY JOHN, Mar 1844 - 6-14-1925, Co I, 46th Miss Regt Vols, CSA.

BUSHROD WASHINGTON, 1845 - aft1911, CSA, KY, unit unknown.

 COLUMBUS WILLIAM, 1-29-1846 - 6-4-1913, Co B, 27th Regt Miss Inf, CSA.

 DAVID HAMILTON, 1835 - 6-21-1862, Co G, 49th Va Inf Regt, CSA; Private and Chaplain, died from measles.

DUNCAN STIVENDER, Dec 1845 - 3-28-1913, 15th Ala Inf Regt, CSA, and Co A, Confederate Marines.

DURHAM MARTIN, 3-29-1821 - AFT1900, 78th Ill Inf Regt, USA, 2nd Asst Surgeon.

 ELI, 1841 - 11-5-1861, 20th Regt Miss Inf, CSA; died of pneumonia.

ELIJAH, 2-4-1826 - Jan 1904, Co F, 20th Regt Miss Inf, CSA.

ELIJAH, 1835 - 1-1-1890, Capt. Lampkin's Co Va Light Art, CSA, Private.

ELIJAH, 1841 - 1864, Co K, 2nd Ky Mtd Inf, CSA, Private.

ELIJAH, 1845 - c1899, Co F, 2nd Miss Cav, CSA.

ELLA LAFAYETTE, 1841 - ?, 27th Regt Miss Inf, CSA.

 FELIX THOMAS, 1846 - ?, Co E, 6th Regt Ky Mtd Inf, CSA; captured in 1863, imprisoned in Illinois.

GEORGE, 1834 - 10-27-1864, Co D, 8th Va Inf Regt, CSA; killed at Hatcher's Run.

GEORGE A., c1844 - 9-29-1862, Co F, 27th Miss Inf Regt, CSA.

GEORGE DANIEL, July 1845 - aft1920, Co E, 27th Ga Inf Regt, CSA; lost right arm to wounds.

GEORGE DODSON, 1833 - Nov 25, 1863, 22nd Regt Ala Inf, CSA; killed at Lookout Mountain.

GEORGE RALPH, 7-9-1833 - aft1900, Co A, 36th Regt Va Inf, CSA; captured 9-19-1864.

GEORGE WASHINGTON, 1836 - 8-12-1862, Co B, 28th Regt La Vols, CSA; died of "inflammatory Rheumatism".

HAMILTON T. D., 1835 - 10-8-1862, Co D, 44th Regt Ga Inf, CSA, wounded in a skirmish 10-1-1862, died a week later.

HARRIS C., 5-1-1848 - 6-8-1925, Capt. John Gillis' Co, 23rd Battn Miss Cav, CSA.

HENRY CLAY, 1-17-1829 - 1-14-1907, 191st Va Militia, CSA, Private to Captain under Gen Early and Aide-de-camp of brother-in-law William L. Jackson, fought to Appomattox.

HUGH PHELPS, 5-8-1824 - c1864, 15th WVa Inf Regt, USA.

IRA WESLEY, April 1839 - aft1911, Co E, William S. Patton's, 1st Regt Miss Inf, CSA.

ISAAC NEWTON, Mar 24, 1829 - 6-28-1878, 20th Regt Ala Inf, CSA.

ISAAC SHELBY, 11-27-1845 - Oct 31, 1862, Ala, unit unknown.

ISAIAH, 5-28-1841 - Dec 1910, Co B, 27th Regt Miss Inf, CSA.

ISAIAH, May 1844 - aft1920, Co K, 8th Miss Inf Regt, CSA.

JACKSON, 1838 - ?, La, unit unknown.

JAMES ANDREW, 1836 - April 20, 1917, 4th Battn Ark Inf, CSA.

JAMES CLAUDIUS, Mar 8, 1842 - Oct 5, 1864, Co C, 2nd Regt Mo Cav, CSA; Co C, 3rd Mo Inf Regt,CSA; Color Bearer, Corporal; killed at Allatoona Pass.

JAMES CORNELIUS, Oct 26, 1843 - 6-13-1864, Capt. Carrington's Co Va Light Art, CSA, Private.

JAMES F., Sept 1833 - aft1900, Co K, 29th Ala Inf Regt, CSA, Sergeant.

JAMES FLOURNOY, April 22, 1842 - aft1910, Co E, 27th Ga Inf Regt, CSA.

JAMES M., 2-1-1829 - aft1900, Co G, 22nd Ala Inf Regt, CSA; captured near Nashville 12-23-1864; a silver spoon carried in his pocket deflected a bullet from seriously wounding him.

JAMES R., c1822 - ?, Co G, 3rd Mo S. M. Cav, USA, Private.

JAMES TAYLOR, 10-5-1841 - June 1864, 20th Regt Ala Inf, CSA, killed near Marietta, Ga.

JAMES TYLER, 7-12-1843 - 2-19-1926, Co B, 27th Miss Inf Regt(Brantley's Brigade), CSA

JAMES W., Dec 1835 - c1901, 7th Regt Va Inf, CSA; captured in James Co., Va, 1863, imprisoned in Washington.

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