Creel Military History
World War I

When the United States entered the “ Great War” in 1917, it had but a small constabulary Army with no experience in industrial warfare.  By 1918 the United States had a two million man force concentrated in France, Flanders and Italy.  In this great force were Creels.  As these soldiers are identified they will be added to the ongoing list.

World War 1 / USA causalities:

Total Killed            116,708
Battle Deaths           53,513
Gas Deaths                1,462
Other Causes           63,195
Total Wounds        
Not mortal             204,003
Gassed                    71,345
Total Killed
And Wounded

United States Army-AEF’s

Cam Creel –Corporal , United States Army, Active duty from April 8, 1918 to August 13, 1919. Served in 5th Company, 14th Grand Division.  In Europe with the A.E.F. from June 7, 1918 through July 30, 1919. Medals earned include WW1 Victory Medal w/Battle Clasp for Defensive Sector. Entered service at Ft. Worth Texas and discharged at Camp Pike Arkansas.

W.Leroy Creel- Private , United States Army


Jewell Dean Creel-2nd Lt.  From Colorado


Emmet. E. Creel- Sergeant , Infantry.  From Colorado


Grover C. Creel- Private, From Bartow Florida- Co F 150 Infantry to Nov 1st 1918, 329 Infantry to

                Jan.1,1919 Co A 311th Infantry to Discharge.  Served overseas from Oct5, 1918 to  

                May 26, 1919. Discharged June 10, 1919


Solomon Creel-Private 1st Class From Franklin City Florida- Co A 427th Labor Bn.  No service

               Overseas.  Honorable discharged June 25, 1919.


Rufus Creel-  Wounded

United States Navy