Creel Military History
World War II

The United States was just recovering from the severe depression of the 1930’s when it was thrust into the global conflict know as World War 2.  The threat of war had sharply divided public opinion in the United States.  Most Americans hoped for an Allied Victory, but also hoped the United States could remain out of the War.  However, on December 7, 1941 the first bombs fell on Pearl Harbor and the dye was cast.  The Japanese had attack the U.S. .  The following day the United States declared war on Japan.  On December 11th the United States declared war on the Axis Powers.  Thus America’s greatest generation entered into the global conflict.  This page is dedicated the Creels who answer the call to defend their country.

The Creels will be listed under the branches of service that they served in.  Please feel free to forward names, rank and units of the men that served.


United States Army

United States Army Air Corps

United States Navy

United States Marines